Tuesday, November 25, 2008

so...this semester is winding down, and this movie definitely looks doable.......but I wish time wasn't such an issue. I know that I could do an awesome job on something like this if I had no time constraints......guess that just isn't life though.

ANYWHOO....I have two more scenes to shoot, and then a week to prepare the whole thing after that. But right now I am exporting and it is taking about a half an hour for a 20 minute clip. I am going to put that into after effects and spice it up a bit, and then.....turkey.......and then back to work again!!

Kate will be editing the final scene, which is the music video, so that is kinda less stressful, except that its not at all..........but its okay, this will be done on time NEIL!

OKAY! bye now.........
p.s. the zombie movie for next semester is going to be written over December break, and then casted right away, and then shot right away, so that all I have to worry about is editing!


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